All my life, I have been raising existential questions like who am I and where do I come from? So it is indeed difficult for me now to try and say something about “About Me”. But there are a few things, however, I could always say about myself.

For instance, I must admit I was born Privileged and Lucky. Privileged because of my family and Lucky because my Guru who found me. He set me free from myself and showed me how to live life simply. An advice my mother gave me before she passed away.

One of the most difficult questions in my life have been “So, what do you do?” For me it has been hard to answer convincingly that I just live my life. “Oh, we all live our lives but tell us what is it that you really do?” the question always persisted. I tried to mumble my way through a labyrinth of words – photography, writing, documentary filmmaking, photojournalism, projects etc. but by then, most people lost interest and moved on. The truth is that after I met my Guru,
I stopped “doing” because He told me that from now onwards He would do my work and I was free for simran –
constant remembrance of the words of the Guru. But then, that is easier said than done.

So here in this website I present what I would call, in Carlos Castaneda speak – my Non-Doings: Stories, Stamps, Ecopanions, Writings, Films and Blog. They are all About Me.





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