It was many, many years ago, I happened to ask a friend,

what he understood by the word “Amrit?”

Please, no ‘gyan’ needed Nihal, was his instant retort.

Oh! OK… OK…


But now that my life is hurtling towards a conclusion
there is a strong impulse to share
what Pitaji told me about ‘amrit’

which, the ‘angrez’ call: the ‘elixir’ of life.

The ‘drink’ of immortality…..


But of course, this is not so much for you, my friend.
It is only for those who are want to know…


Simply said, Amrit is the words of the Guru, the Sant and the Sadhu.

In the end when everything perishes
Only the Voice of the Guru remains…



There you go…. Not so much ‘gyan’


And while on the subject
Gyan is Not Knowledge.

Gyan is that which binds your Monkey Mind
and makes it still – sets you free – from yourself.


Kumbh ka badda jal rahe
A container – whether pot or pitcher – binds the water

Bin Jal kumbh na hoi
But without water, no pot or pitcher can be made.

Upshot: The water that creates the container, then gets trapped in it.

Much like my ‘mun’ (pronounced like ‘bun’)
that creates me and then gets trapped in me!

Always jumping from one bough of desire to another –

I want this! I want that!

Gyan ka badda Mun rahe
Gyan is that which binds my jumping desires of my ‘bander mun’


Bin Guru Gyan na hoee
And without Guru there is no Gyan…..


Do you want to know what is Maya?
Maybe another short and simple answer from the Guru… soon.


Maybe soon.
Another simple explanation from Pitaji

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