These are apparently four different words but

As Pitaji said they are ONE Tatva – Essence
or: One Truth that cannot be attained even by mind.

Guru Himself.

It is He who is changing subtly from one facet of mind to another

Seamlessly, imperceptibly…


And then he explained, which I will now try and recall in my own words

As I have now come to own it as my own understanding…


To begin with there is Manuwa Ramji – my Chanchal ‘Mun’

Always dressed in immaculate Lucknawi kurta pajama

Chewing paan, dreaming dreams…

Suddenly, Manuwa Ram ji wants this new book
which has arrived in the book store.


As said before, quite seamlessly and imperceptibly

the ‘Mun’ becomes ‘Chit’ or Chetan Sharma – the conscious self!

In neat clean white shirt and trousers
Chetan Sharma now comes into play.

Goes outside takes the cycle and starts pedaling towards the Mall.

The conscious Chetan Sharma negotiates thru the traffic

And comes to enter the Mall and starts to browse sections on new arrival.

Looking, scanning searching for the title of the book.

There it is! Chetan picks the book and flips it to see the price.

700 rupees!

In a moment, Chetan Sharma disappears and there is Budh Dev Gupta in his place!

Clean shaven, hair oiled, with pens and calculator in the pocket

Ready to make calculations whether you can afford this or not.

Too expensive. We don’t have the money.

“I don’t care” says Manuwa Ram. I want this book.

If you cannot buy it, then steal it!

Chetan Sharma says, not so fast!

The inhouse camera is watching you.

Budh Dev says, we can hide from the camera behind this counter.

So be it!

Then Sardar Aham Singh transforms into being,

Turban, mustachios, sword and all!

Shall I do it? Shall I do it? Shall I do it?

With one cue from Budh Dev

Aham picks up the book and stuffs it down his shirt

and strides out nonchalantly

much to the delight of a smiling Manuwa Ram!

And so the drama continues…… day after day. Till the very end. Unabated.

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