Pitaji said that in Gurubani the three words:
Sadhu, Sant and Guru have been almost used synonymously

though not without reason.

But there are differences between the words.


Sadhu is he who has withdrawn his senses

From this phenomenal world

Much like the turtle that pulls in its shell

And blocks the world outside.

Sadhu attains a balance -“sadh” – with his own Self.

In doing that, the Sadhu comes to know “Hari Katha”
That all is Hari’s drama

And that Hari is Doing everything….

And that everything is being done for him by Hari Himself …..

The Sadhu is ordained to stay put

In one place – owning nothing….
Traditionally an empty hut, bare essentials, no extra possessions

Since everything from food to all his basic requirements
are brought to the Sadhu

By people around him on orders of Hari (please read Guru)

And there the Sadhu sits in splendid isolation

And recounts the Hari Katha to those who come to listen…..


The Sant also withdraws his senses from this phenomenal world

And much like the Sadhu, is in balance with his own Self.

But unlike Sadhu, the Sant is ordained to move
from one place to another

Singing Hari Katha as he goes along….

Santon ki Vani …….


Then of course, there is Guru…..

Like Sadhu and Sant, the Guru is also the One

Whose senses have been withdrawn
And who know the Hari Katha.

But He is the One who can give ‘Updesh’
Sermon / Pravachan.


It is the Guru who has the power
to break the chain of life death and rebirth

Setting His child free….

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