Many times, I asked Pitaji what is the meaning of life?

Each time He answered that there is absolutely no meaning in our lives.

Then why did He create this enormous world….

He said that He did not create this world.
This world is created by the Individual.

If the Individual disappears, the World also disappears along with the Individual.

Because it never existed.


But yet there is this drama of the Individual and the World.

And it is the Guru who has created this drama.
Because there is nobody else one could ascribe it to.

And thereby hangs a “katha” in Yog Vashisht

When Ram puts up the same question to Guru Vashisht.

Vashist said that He created this world for His own delight.

But then He found that everyone said: Oh! This is Vashisht!

This is Vashisht!  This is Vashisht!  This is Vashisht!
Because He was manifest in the reality
and everybody saw Vashisht everywhere.

But that was not what Vashisht wanted.

So then, Vashisht became Un-manifest.
And People stopped seeing Him and forgot there is a Vashisht altogether.

So Vashisht decided to come into creation in His own image of a Man

(Please note Not a woman)

And he followed all the rules of his game.

He took birth from a womb of a mother

And when the time came

He sought out those who yearned for Him

The sadhu, sant, peer and fakir

And became one with them.

But Pitaji said there is a subtle difference

between them all and the Guru.

But that is another line of thought.


So then, if this world is for the Delight of the Guru

What is the meaning for Me?

Pitaji said that there is one and only one Meaning of Life:

To meet your Creator – the Guru and liberate yourself from this

Circus of human existence of swinging from pleasure to pain

And eventually death and rebirth. Over and over again.

Some people may seem to like it. So be it for them…

Till in some lifetime they evolve to yearn to meet the Maker.


So, the upshot is:
Now that I am here and I have no Meaning in my Life

So, What Should I Do?

Do what you want.
Enjoy doing whatever you want – Poetry, Stamps,
or as Pitaji said to me once: Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll,
if that is what you want.

BUT you have One Responsibility”

If ever you meet Guru, Sant or Sadhu

Make sure you listen to him.

That is all.

In your heart you should be wanting to meet Him

And listen to His words.

The rest He will do…..








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